About Dr. B.
William B. Bradshaw, a graduate of the University of Missouri majoring in English and Yale Divinity School studying for the pastoral ministry, earned a PhD degree at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Bradshaw studied under Dr. Matthew Black, renowned Old Testament scholar and authority on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Bradshaw's area of scholarship was biblical studies, concentrating on Hebrew history and literature. Dr. B, as he is affectionately referred to, served in the pastoral ministry for twenty-eight years and then transitioned to academic administration, where he served on college campuses as an English instructor, the director of development (fundraising), chief financial officer, and president. Dr. B is known as a financial turnaround specialist for not-for-profit institutions and writes and speaks with unusual clarity about complex subjects. His friends refer to him as a "grammar guru". read more >>

Why buy The Big Ten of Grammar?
Because it is different from other grammar books in five ways.


1.  The Big Ten of Grammar is not a complete grammar book. Instead, it is a user-friendly handbook—a practical reminder for recognizing and fixing the ten most frequent verbal and written grammatical errors people generally make. 

2.  The Big Ten of Grammar does not focus on the need to memorize umpteen parts of speech and rules of grammar.  Instead, Dr. B teaches you what to listen for, making it easy to recognize and correct your grammatical errors. 

3.  The Big Ten of Grammar has lots of examples of both correct and incorrect grammar, making it easy for you to recognize the most commonly made grammatical mistakes.

4.  The Big Ten of Grammar also has a bonus section that deals with out-of-the-norm grammatical situations that can take literally hours to research.  They are at your fingertips in this book.

5.  The paperback edition of The Big Ten of Grammar has a six-page appendix that looks at ten recent changes in grammar that will help keep you up-to-date.

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Books by Dr. Bradshaw
The Big Ten of Grammar
2010 2012

This is an easy-to-read handbook that concentrates on the ten most frequent verbal and written errors that people generally make. Not making these errors will result in what you say and write being more coherent and convincing. Using correct grammar will result in your friends and business associates paying more to what you are saying and writing and in your feeling better about yourself. It has lots of examples and is a very practical resource.

Sinister Among Us
Tate Publishing, 2007

After a distinguished career as a financial turn-around specialist, Brad Green comes out of retirement to serve as interim president of a small, midwest college beset with a financial crisis. In short order he discovers the problems are laced with sinister overtones that go well beyond financial difficulties.

Fundraising: the System that Works
Sterling House Publisher, 2004

Any person—paid professional or volunteer, board or committee member—who has responsibility for raising money for not-for-profits should have this book. Fundraising: the System that Works is a valuable resource for both the novice and the experienced fund-raiser.