Fundraising: the System that Works – Endorsements

Endorsements for Fundraising: the System that Works (2004), submitted at time of publication

“Fund-raising is like dieting—it’s easier said than done!  Successful fund-raising requires a well thought out plan, a step-by-step approach, and a true understanding of why people donate money.  In my 35 years of fund-raising, I have never found a book that covers all that territory.  Until now!  William Bradshaw has written a book that should be on every fund-raiser’s desk, from novice to veteran.  He fully understands that successful fund-raising is a process that anyone can learn.  If you want to guarantee a bigger dollar return for you hare work, this is the book.”

Charles B. Inlander; President, People’s Medical Society; Faculty lecturer, Yale University School of Medicine

“In selecting the person to spearhead the fund-raising efforts of our foundation in the United States, we looked for someone who can make things happen, who has documented experience as an effective found-raiser, and who has the ability to lead and motivate others.  Dr. Bradshaw is that person.  He gets the job done!”

F. W. de Klerk, Chairperson, the FW de Klerk Foundation; Former President of the Republic of South Africa

“One realizes immediately that Dr. Bradshaw has been an effective and efficient fundraiser, and I applaud him for taking the time to put his 12 step process in the written form for other to learn from.  The book offers something for every fundraiser, from novice to expert.  As someone who has been fundraising for close to fifteen years, reading this book served as a refresher course and a thought provoking experience.  It is a wonderful new resource for the incredible field of development.”

Ruth L. Lederman; Director of Development, Jewish Federation of St. Louis, MO

“Here is one of the most comprehensive books I have seen on fund-raising.  It covers all the bases in a most sensitive and caring manner.  Building good relationships along the way is the book’s real bonus.  To help people feel good about giving to worthy causes is a real gift.  Dr. Bradshaw has made this a top priority.  This well could be a classic in the art of fund-raising.”

The Reverend Dr. William O Smith, Phoenix, ZA