Fundraising: the System that Works

Fundraising: the System that Works
SterlingHouse Publisher, 2004

Any person—paid professional or volunteer, board or committee member—who has responsibility for raising money for not-for-profits should have this book. Fundraising: the System that Works is a valuable resource for both the novice and the experienced fund-raiser.

There is a special section for churches and ministers. Most religious organizations do not provide training for their leaders. There are very few well-grounded training opportunities for those involved in fund-raising for churches and other religious-related institutions. Seminaries have rejected including courses about fundraising in their curricula or seminar offerings, primarily contending that there are other courses of study that are more relevant.  This book will help fill that void for ordained clergy and laypersons.


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”As Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lees College and Chairman and President of the bank the college did business with, it was my pleasure to observe the outstanding fund-raising talents of Dr. Bradshaw.  I was always amazed when he could get funds from people and organizations that never gave before.  Without a doubt, he is the best fund-raiser with whom I have ever worked or known.” 

J. Phil Smith, Chairman and President
First National Bank, Jackson, KY

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