Big Ten of Grammar

The Big Ten of Grammar
Synergy Books, 2010
Do you have trouble knowing whether to say “lie” down or “lay” down?  What about commas, periods, semicolons, and question marks—do they come before or after the quotation marks?  What’s the difference between “less” and “fewer”? And then there are those pesky apostrophes and when to use them with plurals and possessives.These are age-old issues that plague our writing and fog up our statements. Clear communication starts with having a strong grammatical foundation that helps you make clear-cut statements. The Big Ten of Grammaroffers easily understood ways to recognize and fix the ten most frequent grammatical errors that people generally make. Not making these errors will make what you say and write more coherent and convincing. Using good grammar will result in your friends and business associates hearing you loud and clear and in your feeling better about yourself.Order The Big Ten of Grammar online at:

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