Big Ten of Grammar Endorsements

“I have not found computerized grammar checks to be very reliable, nor have I seen a convenient grammar reference source in my twenty-five years of legal practice.  The Big Ten of Grammar is a quick way to check one’s recollection of hard-to-remember grammar rules, whether in connection with writing a school paper or drafting important professional papers such as presentations or court pleadings.  Dr. Bradshaw includes great examples for each rule and a brief but comprehensive recap at the end of each chapter.  The Big Ten of Grammar is my new favorite reference book.”

Jane Cohen, Attorney at Law, St. Louis, Missouri

“As a college graduate and young professional working in a government agency in Washington, D.C., I thought I would never need a grammar book again.  I could not have been more wrong. Whether it be writing e-mails to my coworkers, writing reports for projects, or editing correspondence being sent to CEOs in the private sector or leaders in government, a solid grasp of grammar is necessary to be considered creditable.  I consult The Big Ten of Grammar regularly.  Dr. Bradshaw explains in a clear, detailed, and efficient fashion the grammar most of us use on a daily basis.  I am getting ready to go to graduate school to further my education.   The Big Ten of Grammar will definitely go with me.”

Nicole Nord, St. Louis, Missouri

“With The Big Ten of Grammar Dr. Bradshaw has not only identified the most frequent grammatical landmines, he has provided easy-to-remember techniques for avoiding them.  It is a reference book I can carry in my head.”

Charlie Claggett, VP Marketing, Warson Brands

“As an individual who survived Freshmen English at the University of Missouri in 1979, I can appreciate your initial anecdote.  One of my rules for comma usage was, “When in doubt, leave it out.”  It has served me well for many years.  However, Chapter 3 (Quotation Marks and Other Punctuation) and Chapter 10 (Commas between Adjectives) are particularly applicable to my assaults upon the written word.  The Big Ten of Grammar is a compact resource for resolving such pesky questions.  I teach a Managerial Economics Class for a university at its Union Satellite Campus.  The course includes two writing assignments, and The Big Ten of Grammar should be a helpful resource for students.”

John H. Armstrong, Vice President of Commercial Lending, United Bank of Union, Missouri

Love the book!  Correct grammar is one of those things that is easily forgotten as we age.  I especially love all the examples.  The Big Ten of Grammar will make a wonderful reference book for my work.  My mother purchased seven copies as Christmas presents for her college-age grandchildren.  Thanks again.

Sherry Struckhoff, RN, BSN, Health Science Instructor, Waynesville Career Center, Missouri

“The Big Ten of Grammar is the most practical and useful book I’ve seen since The One Minute Manager in 1982.”

Dave Buck, MBA, New Products Consultant, St. Louis, Missouri

The Big Ten of Grammar is now my primary grammar reference and constant companion. Technology professionals are notoriously poor spellers and writers, so Dr. Bradshaw’s straightforward guidelines are extremely useful in my work as a software development professional. Clear and precise software design documents are necessary to eliminate costly errors due to misinterpretation. Correct grammar is clearly a key ingredient for my work. Thank you, Dr. Bradshaw, for writing this book.”

Megan Mori, Principal, Mori Partners, Santa Barbara, California

“At first I hesitated to read The Big Ten of Grammar, thinking I knewit all, but after the second chapter I realized I had forgotten many of the rules of grammar. Thank you, Dr. Bradshaw, for reminding me of them in such a fun, memorable way. It is a great book I keep on my coffee table where I can reference it easily.”

G. Vietor Davis, Jr., Investments and former Real Estate Developments, Williamsburg, Virginia

“Engineers focus on technology with little time for proper grammar. Dr. Bradshaw’s The Big Ten of Grammar makes a fine  ompanion to spell-checking software, online dictionaries, and search engines. The Big Ten of Grammar brings precision and accuracy to professional writing.”

Larry Green, Internet Engineer, Southern California

“Because of its clear and engaging explanations, The Big Ten of Grammar was an instant hit with teachers and secretaries in Parkway. Thank you, Dr. Bradshaw, for helping to curtail some of the most common grammar demons in workplace communication and student writing.”

Rebecca Langrall, EdD, Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary Communication Arts, Parkway School District

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