Sinister Among Us – Endorsements

Endorsements for Sinister Among Us (2007), submitted at time of publication

Sinister Among Us is a gripping narrative of intrigue, crime, and diabolical possession in the unlikely setting of a Christian college in a small Indiana town.  Thanks to his extensive theological scholarship, pastoral service, academic administration, and successful fundraising, Dr. Bradshaw’s characters, events, and settings ring true.  He also knows how to tell a good story that no reader will want to put down.”

Daniel L Schlafly, Jr., PhD; Professor of History, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO

Sinister Among Us is a fast-paced, provocative story that will stay in your consciousness long after you turn the last page.  The plot explores the possibility of demon possession to explain the myriad problems confronting Cyprus College and threatening Brad Green’s attempt to salvage a school.  My skepticism about the reality of demon possession has been serious challenged, if not totally erased.  The book is highly recommended.”

Dennis Neilson; Securities Analyst, Minneapolis, MN

“Be prepared for some high-energy interactions and true-to-life settings as Dr. Bradshaw devises and intriguing mystery that will have you reading well into the night.  In Sinister Among Us, Bradshaw creates a believable character who is clever, resourceful, and resolute.  Although he does not always know exactly what to do, failure is not an option—it’s not even a possibility!  Yet, his secret enemies will continually lead you astray.”

Georgie Blackwood MacGinnitie, Barnes and Noble Bookseller, Seattle, WA

“Did you ever consider the possibility that someone you know might be demon possessed?  How would you know?  How could you find out?  Sinister Among Us is a story that reveals just how feasible it is that the devil may be someone you personally know.  While the characters in this story are fictitious, this mesmerizing story is based on Dr. Bradshaw’s lifetime research and academic knowledge of demonology.  The story takes place on a modern-day college campus where everyone is someone just life you and me.  A must read.”

E. Ann Nord, President, the IdeaMine, St. Louis, Missouri

“Why do such seemingly good, up-standing people choose to do evil things?  Almost daily we struggle with how another great individual has fallen to temptation with seemingly uncontrollable weakness, be it a multiple-term congressman, the CEO of a major corporation, or a local community leader.  What motivates people who have achieved so much to risk it all for such low reward and end up throwing away their reputations, careers, friends, and families in exchange?  Dr. Bradshaw explores an answer as old and as unnerving as the question itself: could Satan be working to destroy the lives of those we most admire?  Dr. Bradshaw uses a small town USA setting to demonstrate how easily Satan could unleash sinister evil by exploiting our weaknesses.  He nudges the reader to an unsettling question: could Satan be controlling people in your local community, people whom you work with, volunteer with, or even you?  The answer may frighten you.”

Scott Shepherd, Professional Money Manager, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“The reader is drawn into the intrigue and relationships of the “town and gown” setting in a small college town, along with the added dimension of unanswerable motivations that might well be attributed to demons at work.  Dr. Bradshaw guides the reader through an easily understood explanation of demonology, adding to the reader’s understanding and suspense as the story unfolds.”

Velma B. Saire, Ed. D., School Administrator and Adjunct Professor, Sewickley, PA

“Plunge into this absorbing novel of evil on a small mid-western campus, and you will be rewarded with fascinating insights into a college president’s working life.  Brad Green encounters such nefarious activities perpetrated by professors and board members that he questions whether the devil possesses someone’s soul.  With clarity and cleverness the author sweeps us along through intrigues that are resolved at a satisfying conclusion.”

Sherrill Taylor, Social Worker, Washington, DC

“No human arena is exempt from the corruption of mankind’s noblest endeavors. Dr. Bradshaw’s story, set in academia, explores in depth the power and subtlety of manipulative, degrading, and ultimately destructive human behavior.  Through drama and dialogue the reader is exposed in depth to the spectrum of evil’s origins and society’s best efforts to contend with life’s profoundly negative forces.  Dr. Bradshaw’s debut novel is both provocative and instructive.  The reader will come away strengthened by its insights.”

The Reverend Edwin Granai, Presbyterian Church, USA, Burlington, VT